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The main products are PVC, EVA , EPS floats,PE monofilament,twine,rope, PE single knotless net, construction safety net,fishing net and so on.

WEIHAI YINQIU FISHING TACKLE CO.,LTD. was established in 1976.It is the manufacturer and exporter of fishing tackle for fishery. The main products are PVC, EVA ,PE, EPS floats; PE single knot net, knotless net, construction safety net, twine and rope with different kinds of dimensions. The products are exported to different countries over the world with high reputation among users.

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TEL: 0086-631-5250098
FAX: 0086-631-5255196
P.C.: 264200  
ADD : NO.508 Qishan RD.,Weihai International Port District Shandong,China

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